MultiMediate: Multi-modal Group Behaviour Analysis for Artificial Mediation

For this years’ engagement estimation task, you need NoXi as a training dataset. This dataset is fully available and you can start implementing and training your approaches now. Subsequently we will make available validation sets for MPIIGroupInteraciton and Speed Dating which you can use for monitoring your performance on these out-of-domain evaluation tasks, as well as for few-shot domain adaptation.

MPIIGroupInteraction (MultiMediate'21-'24)

Needed for:

  • Bodily behaviour recognition
  • Backchannel detection
  • Agreement estimation from backchannels
  • Eye contact detection
  • Next speaker prediction
  • Engagement Estimation (MultiMediate’24) [now available]

NoXi (MultiMediate'23-'24)

Training set for Engagement Estimation