MultiMediate: Multi-modal Group Behaviour Analysis for Artificial Mediation
Evaluation Phase starting!

Evaluation Phase starting!

28 June 2024

The evaluation phase is starting now. You can submit your validation and test set predictions at

There is also an additional update concerning the multi-domain engagement estimation task. Anonymising the speeddating dataset proved to be more difficult than expected, to the extent that we can not be sure that participants identities are protected if we use the dataset as part of the challenge. To protect our participants we therefore had to take the decision to not include the speeddating dataset as an evaluation set. As a result, we have three remaining test sets for this task: NOXI (MultiMediate’23 version), NOXI (additional languages), and MPIIGroupInteraction. If you plan to submit to the engagement estimation track, you are required to evaluate on all three of these datasets.

The required features for the test sets are made available on the download pages for NoXi and MPIIGroupInteraction.